We aim to equip new team members with a holistic understanding of the company, our customers, what they will be working on, and how all those pieces fit together. All new hires get scheduled to meet with someone from each department to learn more about the jobs and goals of that department. Each member of the dev team, as well as the CEO, meet individually with new team members so we can get to know each other better. Training is provided on how to use all of our apps and better understand the needs and objectives of our customers. For new dev team members, we cover the codebase architecture, our development process, and details about our overall development ecosystem. We also let new teammates dig into the code early so they can start learning and contributing - we have even had new team members able to contribute bits of code to production within the first week.

We work hard to continually make on-boarding better. Each time there is a new team member, we update and improve our documentation and on-boarding process. We remember what it was like to be new to Stratasan, so people are always willing to help, both during on-boarding and beyond.