How We Hire

We strive to be transparent about our hiring process. While specifics may differ from posting to posting, this is our general process.

  1. We lint all of our job postings with
  2. We always provide a salary range in our postings so there are no surprises for anyone at any stage of the process.
  3. After posting a job, we'll use social media to spread the opportunity to our network. We're also actively identifying ways to spread job posts beyond our network in an attempt to find candidates who wouldn't normally think about applying to Stratasan.
  4. Based on the rate of responses, we keep job posting up for 2-4 weeks though perhaps longer.
  5. If a candidate has time constraints outside of normal business hours, we'll work with them to find a good time to complete the interview process.
  6. During this time, we'll conduct phone interviews with candidates meeting the minimal qualifications. This phone call is a behavioral interview and we'll ask questions that don't have right or wrong answers but are designed to get at the candidate's opinions and previous experience. Example questions might be "Describe your ideal deployment pipeline" or "Tell us about a time a release you were involved with didn't go to plan".
  7. Based on these conversations, we'll work with a candidate to understand how they work. This serves to let us see how they approach problems and gives the candidates the opportunity to see the quality of our codebase and how we write issues.
  8. Based on the previous steps, we'll determine candidates who we feel will be most successful at Stratasan and provide overviews of our benefits and discuss concrete compensation packages. At this point we'll ask for references and follow-up with those provided.
  9. We'll extend offers upon agreement of compensation and reference checks.