Growth in our careers is directly proportional to the scale of problems we can effectively solve. To grow, we must advocate for ever-larger problems and continually learn how to approach and solve them.

Stratasan has a high level of commitment to support our employees' ongoing education and career growth. However, actually making use of this is our own individual responsibility. This may include spending personal time on learning new tools and processes outside of our normal working hours.

An implication of this is that over time, an individual should be able to close similarly sized issues more quickly and/or complete larger issues in the same time. Of course it's difficult to directly compare any two issues but we're talking in the ideal sense here.

Julia Evans has a great post about the process of learning. Stratasan values the ability to learn, i.e. the trajectory of growth, rather than the body of knowledge. Given how quickly our industry moves, a penchant for learning is more valuable than knowing a set of facts, some or all of which may be wrong, outdated, or just not useful in the future.