Balancing Figuring It Out and Asking for Help

There's no stronger signal for learning than reaching that "aha!" moment where the light bulb goes off and you now understand two previously unconnected things fit together in the bigger picture. Pushing through unknown territory and figuring it out is a necessary skill to develop and one of Stratasan's core values.

However, there are times in which progress slows and spending further time on a problem likely won't help. Likely a colleague can help push you forward and, to help this process, it is beneficial to:

  • Understand the problem domain and what success will look like.
  • Write down what you're expecting the solution to look like.
  • Write down what you've tried; what you expected those changes to do and what they did instead.
  • Help your teammates help you. Provide these write-ups and evidence of what isn't working to help them build up context.

Asking good questions, of both yourself and your colleagues, will greatly help frame the problem in your head and expose potential avenues that may provide optimal solutions. (Seriously, we ♥ Julia Evans and all she has to say.)