Engineering Core Values

Our engineering team values are a subset of our company's core values, but they have their own distinct flavor.

Embrace diversity

This extends beyond demographics and into background. As DeMarco and Lister point out in Peopleware, a diverse team can send a "clear signal that it’s okay not to be a clone, okay not to fit into the corporate mold of a Uniform Plastic Person."

Furthermore, diverse teams have been shown to improve quality.

Embrace simplicity

Being a Python shop, we are quite familiar with the Zen of Python. One of the tenets is simple is better than complex. This manifests itself in boring stacks and by avoiding over-engineered solutions.

Shipped code > perfect code

We all understand that the best way to snuff out design problems is to get a feature in front of a user. We want to build minimum marketable features that we can get in front of users fast so we can immediately start getting their feedback. This means shipping early and shipping often.

Have life outside work

We know that every team member has a life outside of work and strive to respect that. Occasionally, we may have tighter deadlines, but we work hard to set realistic expectations and believe that our best performance is achieved when working regular business hours.

Give back

We encourage and value user group participation, open source contributions, mentoring other developers, and other forms of knowledge-sharing.